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"Squeeze anchor strand cable" standard forthcoming


"Squeeze anchor strand cable" standard forthcoming

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In the recently held China's transportation industry standard "Strand whole bundle cable extrusion" manuscript expert review meeting, the Liugong Group Liuzhou OVM Machinery Co., Ltd. presided over the preparation, Sichuan Province Department of Transportation Highway Planning Survey and Design Institute prepared in collaboration transportation industry standard "Strand whole bundle cable extrusion" (expert review meeting name to: squeeze anchor strand cable), formally adopted by the review.
    Experts from the Ministry of Transport Science and Technology Division, Design and Research Institute, construction companies and other 10 units in the review meeting to rigorous scientific attitude and a wealth of experience to the standard manuscript rigorous review by one, some of the standard Terms were more reasonable modification, and ultimately gives the review concluded: "The standard is written in group-depth research, extensive collection of foreign extruded cable strand anchor and information requirements of the relevant standards, combined with our anchor strand extrusion cable production, use the actual circumstances solicit opinions on the basis of standard specifies the structure of extruded cable strand anchor and models, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation and storage, suitable for stay cable and arch boom. Technical requirements clear, the right way, operability. promulgated standards, will regulate squeeze anchor strand cable production and testing, to facilitate cable replacement, improve corrosion resistance and reliability to ensure bridge safety has broad application prospects. "
    In recent years, China's construction of a large cable-stayed and suspension bridges. Cable-stayed bridge suspension cables and slings (pole) as the main power transmission member, their own safety and durability have a significant impact on the overall performance of the bridge, it has been become the industry department and engineering staff very concerns and problems to be solved.