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Situation in Nantong rope industry 2011


Situation in Nantong rope industry 2011

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According to incomplete statistics, as of October 2011, Nantong rope manufacturer has grown to several hundred companies, about 50% of the total number of wire rope manufacturer, the total output accounts for about 70% of the national total, in our rope industry occupies a very important position. In particular (bamboo row, a small sea, Zhang Shibayama) of wire rope rapid development of enterprises, with an annual turnover of several billion dollars, accounting for 70% -80% of the local economy, the number of employees amounted to tens of thousands of people, product sales throughout the rope country, some products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, a local pillar industries.
But the vast majority of its production companies to SMEs, but also private enterprises and joint-stock real nominally private enterprises accounted for more than 90%. Many companies are engaged in the field for several years by a rope distribution business run by people in their hometowns, they use some users and market information outside the grasp, invested several hundred thousand dollars to build a barely longer humble little plant began production of steel wire rope Some small factory output only one, two hundred tons. There are some companies is the collective nature of the previous large enterprises After restructuring, after years of operation, has been the formation of scale in the local also has some influence.
Since the wire rope products related to industrial production and personal and property safety, and therefore the state of wire rope products production license management implementation. Nantong first licensing of enterprises have 15, after the Government reform, the state suspended the issuance of rope production license. Certified enterprises has reached 200-300, accounting for about 35% -40% of the total business, while many companies are still actively preparing to apply. In recent years, part of the wire rope manufacturer quality awareness has increased, there are many enterprises through the IS09002 quality system certification.
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