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CelebratingDongGuan Jielian Inhaul Cable Co., Ltd.New website on-line!


CelebratingDongGuan Jielian Inhaul Cable Co., Ltd.New website on-line!

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CelebratingDongGuan Jielian Inhaul Cable Co., Ltd.New website on-line!
Jielian Inhaul Cable Co., Ltd. is located in the southeastern even Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, east Qing Town, west Huang Town, south of the town of Fenggang and Guanlan, Shenzhen North Zhangmutou connected. The traffic is extremely convenient.
Jielian Inhaul Cable Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of various types of cable, the brake line, operating line, speed line, shaft, throttle cable, seat chassis line, control line bathroom furniture, machinery and equipment control lines manufacturers, the company is located in the world's manufacturing center of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, which are widely used in motorcycles, bicycles, sports equipment, baby, baby carriages, wheelchairs, medical equipment, office chairs chassis, bathroom products, lighting, toys, and all kinds of machinery, mowers, vehicles and other products.
Companies engaged in professional production for several years, has a professional R & D and management team, according to user needs and production of various grades of trial and special technical requirements of the product; the company with professional skills, good service, good quality to win the majority of customers trust and praise, with many well-known enterprises to establish a good supply and marketing cooperative relations; we have the spirit of quality first, customers first, sustainable business philosophy, providing customers with quality products and professional services!
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